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Geotron Model G41 Resistivity Meter

Full sophistication coupled to ease of operation

The utilization of microprocessor technology has enabled the resistivity meter to measure and calculate the apparent resistivity immediately. The 80-character alpha numeric liquid crystal display allows for all the parameters to be displayed including the standard deviation expressed as a percentage. This unique feature allows the operator to obtain reliable results in a minimum amount of time. Further advantages are highly efficient, power electronics which enables many field readings to be made without the necessity of external power supplies. All these features are contained in a single lightweight aluminum case.

The following features make the G41 a leader in resistivity meters:

•  Measurement parameters are keyed in

•  High resolution analog to frequency conversion allows for excellent signal-to-noise ratio

•  All readings are stored in memory for later retrieval

•  Compact and robust

•  Electrode contact resistance test facility

•  All calibration constants are permanently stored

•  Current inversion negates self potential effect

•  Power line noise rejection filters

General Information

Cycle time 3,6 sec. Sample period integration, and Standard Deviation calculations updated after each cycle. Operator selectable cycle readings. All data stored.




Fully stabilized supply with 8 position current selector switch. Current range 10 to 1000mA 100 watt.
Voltage max 400V.
Overrange protected.


High impedance input with noise rejection filter


Current 0,1 mAmp
Potential 0,1 mVolt


Wenner, Schlumberger, Dipole/Dipole, SP (self potential)


Analog display for electrode resistance test 0 - 10 000 ohm


2 line 80 character alpha numeric liquid crystal display
Information displayed simultaneously:
a. Cycle no.
b. Current reading in mAmp
c. Potential reading in mVolt
d. Electrode spacings
e. Apparent resistivity (rho)
f. Standard deviation expressed as %


Non volatile memory RS232 dump


Internal 12 volt 7 Ah rechargeable battery with voltage displayed on meter. Battery charger incorporated in unit. provision is made for an external 12 volt supply.


1000+ measurements at av. output power on internal battery.


(W)230 x (L)400 x (H)300 mm


11 kilograms


Cable reels with 1 mm 2 insulated wire - 100, 200, 300 or 400 m capacity.
Stainless steel electrodes - length 800 mm, diameter either 16 mm or 20 mm


1 year from date of delivery

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